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      Goorin Bros

      Goorin Bros

      There’s no such thing as a hat person, only the experiment of wearing one and the opportunities that come with it. We continue to support generations of individuals who aspire to express and elevate their personal style through freedom of choice, and a willingness to embrace change. We love what hats do for people.

      After 120 years, we like to think that we know a thing or two about building a quality product with quality people. We continue to open doors of innovation and reinvention. It is these current approaches that we like to blend with time tested ideas and values, while boldly bringing hat making into the future.
      If we wouldn’t wear it, then we shouldn’t share it. It takes years of experimenting, listening, and risk taking, in order to develop the most interesting and quality made products that we know how. Great hats make for happy people. We only make great hats. 

      A well-made hat is an investment in you – a chance to fall in love with your future. We aim to build connection, growth, and something new. The people that we continue to meet and build relationships with along the way lie at the very core of what we do. What’s your story? No need to whisper. We’re bold hat makers. We’re bold hat wearers.

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