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      John Hatter & Co.

      John Hatter & Co.

      John Hatter & Co. is an exclusive Swedish fashion brand, founded in 2018 by John – a former investment banker and racecar driver, that makes luxury caps with a bold statement.

      Inspired by the classic trucker cap – John Hatter takes some of the world’s most iconic quotes and phrases – prints them on a miniature aluminium embossed license plate – and attaches it all to make a premium cap with a statement that’s impossible to ignore.

      John later teamed up with his old racing buddy and former Swedish TV personality Mats “MK” Karlsson. Today, they are the foundation of John Hatter & Co.

      We spent months on sampling, going through dozens of factories, carefully considering the quality of all the materials that go into making a premium cap. We were deliberate, obsessing over creating the perfect model fit so that our caps would have the ultimate classic shape.

      Maybe we could have launched earlier, but we knew that we would only get one chance to make an impact on the apparel market – so we kept going until we had created the world’s coolest caps.