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      Eight X apparel is urban inspired day-to-night menswear. Offering a variety of the most fashion-forward prints and styles, Eight X apparel is finely crafted in the highest-quality fabrics and materials to ensure a complimentary and slimming fit on every man.

      Inspired to satisfy the growing demand for the latest urban trends in menswear, Eight X was established in 2011, and features exquisite men's dress wear and fashion. Manufactured in Europe, Eight X boldly stands out by offering unique blends of fabric that provide stretch and comfort while maintaining their design integrity - everything a man could want in his fashion dress shirts, tees, pants, and swimwear.

      Currently expanding worldwide, Eight X is available throughout the United States in major department stores and boutiques. Eight Xmen's apparel is available online, too!

      Eight X is establishing the “urbansexual.” Outpacing the menswear fashion industry, Eight X continues to redefine the modern man.